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We offer proven state of the art equipment and technologies for care of our patients. Currently, the technologies that have proven successful for patients are ones where the patients can visually see the problems and possible solutions to their dental needs. These include the following:


Digital X Rays Senors- a small black device that fits into the patient's mouth, waiting to capture photons from the X-ray which is transformed into digital information and streamed to a computer for storage. Thereafter, the doctor can use the computer to transform the digital information into images of the patient's internal oral structures (e.g. teeth, gum, etc) for rendering to a display device.

Intraoral Camera - this is a small wand that is inserted into the mouth of the patient. Its purpose is to display a real-time detailed motion picture of the patient's mouth, and show visually the current state of the patient's teeth and other structures within the mouth.

Cosmetic Imaging Software - the doctor is able to show a simulation of the patient's oral condition based on various data items collected during the dental exam. The patient can get a three dimensional perspective of their current oral situation and possible future outcomes with the use of specific dental techniques and technologies to repair or renew conditions within their mouth. With the imaging software, the doctor will demonstrate the corrective procedure visually on computer generated model and the result that should be expected, rather than using verbal abstract concepts.



Infection control in our facility is based on standards from the ADA (American Dental Association), OSAA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and CDC (Center for Disease Control).











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